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What we offer


Innovation begins in design!

We ensure the functions of the application. Through intelligent, modern designs and simulation tools, which are in an early stage of development, prototype construction and change in value losses.

We optimize and validate designs up to implementation. Short distances between calculation and design engineers lead to a fast result.

The 3D design will be transferred to workshop drawings and assembly drawings after approval. For all steps we carry out, we always follow the "Design To Cost" method.

We deliver the files to your desired format or directly for your CNC systems.

In all projects, we use an efficient project management structure, which assumes coordination and compiles a documentation that meets the requirements.

Depending on the requirements of the product and the risk class, we perform the following tasks:

- Strength calculations with linear and non-linear material models
- Calculation of static and dynamic loads
- Vibration and thermal analysis
- Creation of the specification booklet for programming and electronic components

It is generally known that a large part of the manufacturing costs are determined by the development and the product management. Design projects often start on the basis of well-known methods without sufficient consideration for modern design processes. Insufficient depth of detail when considering e.g. Of material, manufacturing and logistics processes often lead to cost-intensive adjustments.

In order to avoid unnecessary consequences, we always develop according to the principle "Design To Cost (DTC)".


Using modern software solutions, your product is implemented in the 3D CAD and analyzed with the help of simulation (CAE) up to numerical flow mechanics (CFD). This is where we start early with the prototyping, in order to optimize the concept and the design for the production maturity.

Simulation and strength calculations

The simulation and calculation gives detailed insights into the physical behavior of your product, its components or its assemblies and is thus an integral part of the development process. By using advanced simulation techniques, our engineers are able to expose components to the toughest stress tests, thereby reducing the development time and reducing the number of test runs and avoiding false investments.

  • Structural simulation
  • Multi-body simulations
  • Flow simulations
  • Thermal analysis
  • Vibration analysis
Focus: Electrical engineering, household appliances and lifestyle

Industrial design for consumer goods

Depending on your requirements, the development phase of your product will lead to the construction of a prototype. By working efficiently with our "Engineering", this step takes place at a mature stage. We realize your prototypes and create a prototyping book on request.

  • Conception
  • Design and 3D visualization
  • Model building
  • Prototype construction
  • Test and laboratory services

Consulting for product development and optimization

We use the TRIZ method to generate innovations. TRIZ stands for the "theory of inventive problem solving" and consists of tools that systematically analyze a technical problem or potential fields and find innovative solutions.

  • Market analysis
  • Conceptual development for product modifications
  • Conceptual development for new market segments

Software development

We stand for professional competence, many years of experience and a high commitment in the implementation of your wishes. For our customers we create solutions in the sense of economic and technological requirements. Always with a clear view of the commonly defined goals and a healthy awareness of qualitative results.

NET. development

Focus on applications, automation and services.

Funding advice

  • Correct partner search
  • Creation of applications and documentation

Project management and documentation

We manage the project planning as well as the project management for you and take over the selection of suitable production partners in order to optimize your product cost-effectively and without quality losses into serial production.
A continuous and streamlined documentation of the development is self-evident to us. This includes all associated production drawings, list production BOM, Assembly  and Explosions drawings.

Your added value must be in the foreground!