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Impressions from the BVMW-Event "Fokus.Verkauf"

01 Oct 2018

On the 27.09.2018 the reamotion GmbH presented itself as one of the sponsors, at this year's event "Fokus.Verkauf mit Top-Referent Karsten Brocke" of the BVMW and showed their service portfolio.

BVMW's new format "Top Speaker" brings the most sought after speakers and trainers to Oldenburg. By doing so, you will enable access to innovative approaches that will help businesses move forward. Whether in marketing, in personnel management or in sales, they are everywhere, the hidden potential that needs to be tapped.

The BVMW would like to support "top speakers" and help them identify and exploit these potentials through the famous "view beyond the horizon". With Karsten Brocke, it has been possible to win over one of the most sought-after speaker and behavioral trainer in the field of advisory sales, new customer acquisition and buying psychology for Oldenburg. His focus is on activating people.

He is considered the DER speaker on the subject of neromarketing. He is one of the ten most successful speakers in Germany and has been listed for years in the "Top 100 Excellent Speaker" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His paradigm shift in the buying process is exciting, really springing up again and presented with passion and full wit.

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