reamotion GmbH
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28355 Bremen

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Our services


Consulting for product development and product optimization

We use the TRIZ method to generate innovations. TRIZ stands for the "theory of inventive problem solving" and consists of tools that systematically analyze a technical problem or potential fields and find innovative solutions.

  • Market analysis
  • Conceptual development for product modifications
  • Conceptual development for new market segments
Focus: Electrical engineering, household appliances and lifestyle

Industrial design for consumer goods

Depending on your requirements, the development phase of your product will lead to the construction of a prototype. By working efficiently with our "Engineering", this step takes place at a mature stage. We realize your prototypes and create a prototyping book on request.

  • Conception
  • Design and 3D visualization
  • Model building
  • Prototype construction
  • Test and laboratory services

Project management

  • Accompanying production up to production maturity

Funding advice

  • Correct partner search
  • Creation of applications and documentation