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Corporate Design

Each product is unique and needs a place in the memory of its target group. Only with a consistent and systematically structured appearance you will be clearly recognized and understood in a world full of competing messages. Communicate effectively your philosophy and values through your own medial and protective identity.


Secure a long-term success!

Word and image mark

The word mark consists of words, numbers, letters or other characters, while the picture mark is created from pictures, pictures or pictures. Through the combination to a word-image mark, wordmarks can also be protected by trademark law, which otherwise lacks distinctive character.

Color theory

The appearance is mainly defined by the product colors. Accordingly, these colors are used in design surfaces and in typography. The corporate colors are divided into two groups, the primary and the secondary colors. While the primary colors find their essential application in corporate design, the secondary colors serve as jewelery and complement.


In addition to the color, fonts, font sizes and their use are defined in order to ensure a uniform appearance in all measures of public relations. A key component of the corporate design of a product is typography. It gives all means of communication its own identity and characterizes the appearance.

Picture language

The visual language as well as layout, typography and color climate must be defined as part of the corporate design. One can miss the effect of prominence by choosing an image aesthetics that neither fits to the company nor to its target group.

Corporate Design – Manual

In order to ensure that your new corporate design is successfully implemented in all media, we provide you with a manual which defines the most important pillars of visual communication. To this end, we define guidelines for word and image brands, their applications and use, as well as for colors, fonts, design elements, design grid and image use.

Corporate Sound

Sounds and music trigger emotions and transport them. Discover the power of an emotional bond through a melody or a characteristic sound for your company and its products and services. For almost anything, you can create unmistakable sounder experiences with modern possibilities, which give your customers the desired response.

Sound Logo

The sound logo consists of a short, concise tone sequence or a noise collage - often also from a combination of both. The sound logo is the most significant element and serves as the basis for brand music.

Brand Music

Areas of use of the brand music are e.g. (music-on-hold), corporate background music for presentations, image and product films or your internet presence. Various musical genres and moods are used to support the meaningfulness of different campaigns.


Another component of the corporate sound is the soundscape. This is a sound landscape in which the audio logo is also embedded. The soundscape is particularly suitable as an unobtrusive background for e.g. fair appearances.

Sound Icon

With these sound symbols, not only can the user-friendliness of computers and web pages be increased, but also of e.g. Household appliances, vehicles or toys.

Web and app programming

We stand for professional competence, many years of experience and a high commitment in the implementation of your wishes. For our customers we create solutions in the sense of economic and technological requirements. Always with a clear view of the commonly defined goals and a healthy awareness of qualitative results.

App development

Focus on Windows Apps and Business Apps.

Web development

Focus CMS websites and shop solutions.

Print and web design

Even in the media age, print products are stable and an important means of communication. Books, magazines, brochures or newspapers can be touched, are compact and can be used offline at any time.

The statics and haptics of printed materials convey constancy and confidence in the age of Web 2.0.

  • Logging
  • Flyers, Brochures & Brochures
  • Banner, poster
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising displays, stand-alone, hanging and roll-up systems
  • Measuring stands and mobile advertising media
  • and much more

Webdesign / Social Media

The Internet and social media channels are an integral part of marketing. They offer your company various communication channels. Corporate design plays a key role here as well. Because only through a holistic appearance you stand up to the competition and strengthen your brand.

Business printing

These include, for example, letterhead, business cards, invoices, delivery notes and letter covers. The appearance is adapted to the developed corporate design and contributes to a better and long-term re-recognition.

Product packaging

Packaging design is another important factor in marketing and is an indispensable marketing tool in store sales. Stand out from the competition with an innovative packaging design.

Product and advertising photos

Advertising photography is intended to encourage consumption and make products or services attractive. Image aesthetics can be chosen according to the company, the product and its target group. While the product photography primarily captures an imaging character, the advertising photo should trigger emotions in the viewer.

Our range of services includes still life photography in the areas of food (food), drinks (drinks) and technics, manager portraits, image recordings for company presentations as well as beauty and cosmetic impressions.

Image and product film, Animatic

An image film is intended to carry your company transparently and sympathetically, while the product film makes your customers aware of the advantages and the value of your product. The film is the classic advertising medium and reaches a large mass of people within the target groups.

Our range of services includes conception and realization of the film, composition of exclusive film music, as well as the selection and recording of a speaker.