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reamotion GmbH takes over the first 2 sponsorships

The reamotion GmbH is looking forward to the world organization World Vision Deutschland e.V. Successfully started and by the previous proceeds of the music album Emilio Reales - Silence already for the first two pate children a monthly support for a better life could be established.

Roza is a 7 year old girl born in Ethiopia.
If she is not making household purchases, Roza likes to play with dolls.

Kwabena is 6 years young and born in Ghana.
If he does not care about his siblings and family, he is most fond of playing football.

A very special thanks go to the workforce of the renowned logistics company Leeward International - Worldwide Logistics from Madrid / Spain, the Maritime Offshore Group GmbH from Bremen, the Hilgefort GmbH from Dinklage as well as many other enthusiasts of our products, the attainment of sponsorships.

You also support the charity actions of reamotion GmbH. Please feel free to contact us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Your individual support makes it possible to take on more sponsorships and thus improve the lives of our children.

Take the opportunity and make a donation to your workforce, family or friends. A very personal gift for your birthday.

The reamotion GmbH also thanks in the name of the children's aid organization World Vision Deutschland e.V. many times for your time and your associated commitment.